Reducing waste

I haven’t bought disposable pads or tampons in more than ten years.

I stopped buying them after I gave birth to my first child when I discovered the cloth nappy community. We never used disposable nappies on our children and it made me question why I used disposable feminine hygiene products. When my periods returned I decided to use cloth for myself as well and have never looked back.

Women have been using washable cloth to absorb menstrual flow for centuries. The use of disposables is a recent and tragic phenomenon. Tampons take longer to biodegrade in landfill than the lifespan of the woman who used them and the average woman sends about 11,000 tampons to landfill during her lifetime. But it needn’t be this way. By switching to reusables we can reduce this waste and save ourselves money at the same time.

At Foodstory in Aberdeen you can buy Lilahpads which are organic cloth pads made by an Aberdonian mum. You can also purchase them online through their website and feel good knowing you are supporting a local business. At Newton Dee you can purchase a Mooncup which is a silicon alternative to disposable tampons.

There’s no need to buy disposables and the modern cloth alternatives are terrific and much better than the rags our ancestors had to use. They’ll also save you money over the long term. What’s not to like about that?


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