Ethical consumerism

This is a guest post by Rachel Maurice for Aberdeen Climate Action

If you are an active and knowledgeable customer, you can make fair and sustainable choices.

If you don’t and passively accept little or no information on your potential purchases, you can make these choices, so the exploitation of our world will continue. I believe we can change this, all it takes is a little knowledge.

By trying to make more ethical choices in my daily life in general, I have actually started to buy, and thereby consume, much less. And I still eat and drink, don’t worry! It’s only recently that I understood how zero waste lifestyles allow you to get rid of what isn’t serving you, and focus on the important stuff. The products I do buy are better quality, and overall, it might even come out cheaper in the end, not to mention healthier!

For instance, a lot of the food I buy is local and organic, whether I get it from wholefood shops like Foodstory, or from farmers markets (see list on Sustainable Living website: One of my main targets in my journey to a more sustainable way of life is… PLASTIC!!! Plastic definitely has its purpose, but plastic trash is pervasive, you’ll find it wherever you go. It is unsightly, gross and unsustainable especially as a single use “throw away” material. Luckily, there are ways out of plastic! Or just about…. When I first thought about cutting down plastic use in my life, I looked around and lost count of the amount of plastic items surrounding me. The dream to live plastic-free seemed daunting and unachievable, but, taking one step at a time, I gradually changed my habits (and my partner’s!) and my lifestyle.

When I shop at the local shops and farms I mentioned, I take my own jars and tote bags to fill them with many staples.

This new way of consuming has brought its share of creativity into my life, which I love!! I bake much more often those lovely shortbread that my partner devours instead of the packaged store bought biscuits. I also cook a lot more from scratch and, although I wasn’t fond of cooking initially, I have uncovered new culinary skills and found easy and handy strategies to save time and as well as money while taking care of my health and that of the planet.

If you want to find out more practical tips for a lower waste way of life, join us during Climate Week North East on Wednesday 20th March at the How to Go Green event. Hope to see you there!


  1. Interesting indeed.
    Something to reflect on and enhance life long learning process.
    Wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours.


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