A simple solution to reduce pollution and improve our health

Have you ever wanted to cycle to the shops but felt too afraid to brave the traffic as a vulnerable road user?

Are you trying to get more exercise but don’t have time? Cycling is much more than a sport or leisure activity. It’s a legitimate mode of transport that doesn’t pollute the air and benefits our physical and mental health. Many people would like to cycle to get from one place to another but always it’s the same refrain, “I’m too scared to cycle on the roads with traffic”. The best way to make cycling safe and inclusive for all is to build protected cycle paths.


A protected (or segregated) cycle path is one that is protected from traffic by a physical barrier and is safe enough for an unaccompanied 12-year-old to use. Aberdeen is falling behind other cities when it comes to building cycling infrastructure. Instead the local authority is opting for ineffective measures like putting cyclists in bus lanes or creating shared spaces. A bus lane is not a safe place for a 12-year-old on a bike and share and care paths create conflict between different road users. They are particularly harmful to the most vulnerable in our community.

The Aberdeen Cycle Forum wants to bring attention to this issue and in this spirit are organising a mass bike ride in the city centre on April 28th, starting at Marischal College at 11am. This is for Pedal on Parliament 2019.


Everyone is welcome! With hundreds (hopefully!) of cyclists all cycling together the roads will be safer because of the safety in numbers effect. Feel free to decorate your bike or dress up or bring the family pet. Pedestrians are welcome too. See you there!

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