Act now to amend Scottish climate bill

Nicola Sturgeon recently made a declaration of Climate Emergency and the government is committed to following the newly-published and sadly inadequate CCC report, which is based on what is possible within a budget of 1-2% of GDP, not on what the emergency and gravity of our predicament require. The declaration of emergency will only result in more hot air unless we ask our MSPs to include amendments for more ambitious targets into the new Scottish Climate Bill. We have a historic window of opportunity, which is closing shortly: on June 18th our MSPs will stop accepting suggestions for amendment.

MSPs can be contacted in a few clicks via

Please make sure you select ‘write to all your regional MSPs’.
The sooner you send your letter, the greater your impact will be. Please aim to send it within the coming week.

If it helps, you can use this letter template which is a joint effort of several local climate networks. Please use as much or as little of the contents as might suit your own purposes, and don’t hesitate to personalise (‘I am writing as…’, ‘This matters to me because…’). Above all, please use the full force of your personal networks across Scotland to encourage as many folk as possible to send letters, too.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. To find out more on the Scottish Climate Bill, I recommend Caroline Rance’s excellent webinars from Friends of the Earth:

You can also follow

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